Thursday, December 27, 2012


All the christmas cards went out ... just in time for Australia but overseas will probably arrive after Christmas!

We hosted Christmas Eve Dinner this year and Ferg out did himself with a fantastic cooked turkey and ham ... it was all a little crazy with around 17 of us and the rain, but a great success overall.


November Overview

November was go go go with family events and catch-ups before the silly season really starts.

We celebrated my husband, Ferg's, birthday with my family on the Friday before. He was seemed very happy with his Adrian Zumbo layered birthday cake, which was the most amazing cake I have ever eaten.
On Saturday 3rd November I went to the Penrith Craft Show and got a bit of crafting done. I made beautiful cards with Jane Clark ( and managed to complete the whole project in class ... love it when that happens. Only have a picture of one of the cards as I have already sent the other one off!

I ran into Sandra whilst getting a coffee and she happened to be doing the next class with Nic Howard ( We created an amazing scrapbook layout and it was nice to have some company to chat and share with throughout ... as usual I didn't finish the project and they will probably be sitting around for a while until I get to finish it off (ha, ha). Perhaps I should make a New Year's resolution to do something crafty every weekend ... even if it's only an hour or so.  My layout should look similar to this when finished ....

Went away to the Hunter Valley for Ferg's birthday from 9th - 11th November ...

then hit the races for Spring Carnival on Saturday, 17th November with Janneka and Paul ...

... and battled the crowds and traffic from Tamarama to Bondi Beach, to view the Sculptures by the Sea on Sunday, 18th November.

Ferg and his mate Robert went on a trip to Perth for a week On 24th November had a craft day with my friend Jean and sister Natalie. I started my handmade Christmas cards ... probably a little late but probably won't take me too long.

Nothing quite like seeing the final episode of Twilight at the Australian Premiere on 14th November and keeping in with the shows, saw the stage show Legally Blond on 29th November.

I still managed to join in an ATC swap with the Boomerang Yahoo Group - theme Blue & Green & Ribbon.
Phew ... what a month!

October 2012

Where has the time gone ... here I am in December and haven't even put up a post for October 2012! I tend to keep this blog for some personal events purely because I print my blog into a book and like to have a record of the year that was, but mostly I like to showcase my art and creative escapades. Lately I seem to be working in my job so much that I'm too tired to do anything creative and seem to have lost my mojo for the past couple of years.

I travelled to Perth for work for the first time ever. I stayed on Scarborough Beach and absolutely loved it.  The most beautiful beaches and wonderful spray painted art on the beach front.

Received a lovely surprise in the mail ... a set of stamps from a competition I entered through Craft Stamper ages ago.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stamp Camp

It's taken over 2 years but finally I managed to attend Stamp Camp in the Hunter Valley this year from 7th - 9th September. It's always held on a weekend in September and as the majority of my family members birthdays occur during this month, I haven't been able to go ... until now!

I arrived on Friday night after working all day, just in time for dinner. I spent the weekend with a lovely group of ladies, some I'd met before and others I met through various online groups.

On Saturday, the lovely Rachel Greig from Darkroom Door (
spent the day teaching us different techniques to make cards.  When we weren't in the classroom, our time was our own to finish off other projects.

All in all the weekend was just what I need to recharge and get back in balance with a little bit of creativity.

Below some photos of the cards made in Rachel's class, some ATC completed and a pic of my Stamp Camp buddies. From L to R Bev Charter, Therese Davis, Me, Dorothy Leach, Heather Askitis & Carolyn Passfield.


Keep smiling and keep creating!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another birthday ...

My brother David celebrated his birthday on 1st September, so we had a family gathering at O'Cobhthaigh House the night before.
Mum and dad drove back from Queensland for the event and as all the bedrooms were accounted for with guests, they camped out in their motorhome in the street.
We also had German Visitors Theresa and Marcus come and stay.
It was a fun night all in all ... some pics:
1) Mum & David
2) Dad with Theresa & Marcus
3) David & Nat
4) Me & Ferg
5) David with Tyrone
6) blowing out the candles


Turning 6 ...

For a month from mid-August until mid-September, our direct family celebrates 4 birthdays ... so a busy month for gifts and catching up with the family.

Our niece Alexis turned 6 on 26th August. Ferg, David and I made the trip up north for the weekend to join mum & dad and lavish Alexis with our presence and presents ... of course.

Some pics below:
1) Alexis in her party clothes
2) She'd be able to get a job in a circus
3) Cutting the cake with mummy right behind
4) Mum/Oma also getting in on the circus act, juggling against the wall.
5) Family pic


Keep the circus going inside you, keep it going, don't take anything too seriously, it'll all work out in the end.
~David Niven~

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Birthday ...

On 17th August my dad turned 69 - Happy Birthday Dad!

We didn't get to see him on the day as he was in Queensland, but here he is with his present from all of us.

"Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad!"

Bay Walk

Beau and I got up early on Sunday 5th August and made our way to Leichhardt to participate in the annual Bay Run.

Normally it takes me around 1 hour 15 minutes to complete the walk, but we were in the section of competitors with dogs and Beau wanted to keep up with the other pooches.

We finished in 1:01:35 and Beau had a ball hanging out with the crowd.

Below are a couple of pics from the day ... enjoy the sunshine!


"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”
~ Anthony J. D'Angelo ~