Sunday, August 26, 2012

Milestone Event

On 9th July my opa who lives in Holland turned 99 years old ... no mean feat in this day and age. I'm not really sure what the secret to his success is but perhaps it's the fact that ... he never owned a car and rode a bike everywhere until his early-mid 90s (exercise), he is an avid gardener and grew his own vegetables (healthy organic food) and he's Dutch so never wants to spend too much money on things like meat (small amounts of protein) ... sound like a pretty balanced way to live ... a long time!  Oh and he got divorced and had lots of ... friends!

My mum and dad travelled over Holland to join in the celebrations with the rest of the overseas family.

(1) Happy birthday Opa - at 99.
(2) Opa with his 3 children - Sibylla, Johan (dad), Wil - and my mum Heidi.
(3) Mum & Dad
(4) My sister Magda and her man Andre.

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