Saturday, March 29, 2008

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) March 2008

  • ATC for Group 1 Scrapbook Cupboard swap, theme "Birds".
  • Owl ATC for The Stampers Hut swap, theme "What makes me happy".
  • Rat ATC for Group 2 Scrapbook Cupboard swap, theme "Oriental".
I am involved in 3 ATC swaps locally on the Gold Coast in Queensland and just love these miniature works of art. With the Owl ATC, I won a Challenge on the Shop and Crop web-site - check it out here.
Don't know what Artist Trading Cards are? Check out these sites to get more information Cedar Seed and ATC Canada. Beware, ATCs can be so addictive!


Bird Bitch said...

You go girl, your ATCs are always gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hey Di

Awsome Blog Page, i like the cards you made, i always knew you were the artist in the family, i remember all the mad pottery bowls and stuff you use to make when i was a kid, your just a natural Di, keep it up, look forward to seeing more of your stuff. Love ya, David.