Saturday, May 31, 2008

ATCs and more ATCs ....

Well I've had one of the best ATC weeks since I started making and swapping these miniature artworks - I managed to increase my collection by 42 cards this week alone. I received an absolutely fantastic Corset ATC in the mail that I swapped with Valerie Brincheck through the ATC World Yahoo Group in America; I received a card from Sue Angell also in America that I didn't even know I was getting - a lovely surprise; I received 16 ATCs from Canada; I picked up the One Colour swap from the Scrapbook Cupboard; I attended the first live swap held at Addicted to Scrap in Southport and received some wonderful cards from there; not to mention that both Kerri and Sarah also gave me 2 ATCs each this week ... it was so exciting to have received so many cards.
Here's a picture of Valerie's Corset ATC, the picture really doesn't do the card justice at all, it's just beautiful in real life. Valerie posted the template, so I must have a go at making a corset card myself.
I finished my Tree ATCs today, which are due into the Scrapbook Cupboard by 14th June and I'm pretty happy with the result. I used kraft cardstock as the base, then patterned paper called Months & Season by Rusty Pickle, I then attached a transparency with eyelets and wire, which I printed with a picture of a tree that I found on google images.

This morning I picked up the completed puzzle from the Scrapbook Cupboard and must say that the majority of cards are absolutely fantastic. All I need to do now is sand a few pieces down to fit a bit better and glue all the pieces together and add to a frame. I may even add a few more embellishments to a few pieces just to add a bit more interest.

"The Grand essentials of happiness are:
something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."
~ Allan K Chalmers ~

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