Thursday, March 12, 2009

More gifts keep coming

I was pleasantly surprised today by receiving not 1 but 2 birthday ATCs. The first one is from Sarah Walker and the other from Judy Wagner through the PaperArts Yahoo Group.

ATC by Sarah Walker

ATC by Judy Wagner

A big thank you to both ladies for making my birthday extra special ... who says turning 40 can't be fun - with all this gift receiving, I'm having a ball!!!

I thought I'd also post a few pictures of my beautiful fur-baby Beau ... he's not much of a puppy anymore even though he's only 7 months old, he now weighs 19.5 kgs and is quite a big dog. He got washed this week for the first time with the Dog Washing Service and wasn't really happy about it.

Beau's first time in the Dog Wash Trailer, he's looking very apprehensive.

The sad face that was begging to be let out of the bath.

The bad part's over, now it's drying time ... this part's fun for Beau, he loves to play with the towel ... nice shot hey!

All was forgotten and forgiven, once the ball came out to play.

"You never know what you can do till you try."
~English Proverb~


CaBaCuRl said...

So pleased you have had a birthday that goes on..and advantage of people sending things late LOL! Diana, i have enjoyed looking through your blog, & especially meeting your furry baby. I hope you'll post about the retreat...have to admit to being so-o-o envious of you. Maybe next year for me. My blog hasn't been touched in months...keep thinking about going back to it, but it became so time-consuming, I just walked away.
Have a wonderful time in Melbourne. Jude wagner -(-paperarts)

Kathy said...

Hi Di! I've been "off the grid" for a while, but trying hard to re-connect! These photos of your doggy are adorable! Especially the one with him peering over the rim of the tub! Priceless! Animals are such a comfort and so much fun! :-)