Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day & Little Houses

Happy Valentine's Day ...

I have created my first Little House for the swap I'm participating in with all attendees at the Creative Soul Retreat. It's not quite finished yet, as I think I might add a little heart or some embellishment onto the roof but as I'm making 50 of these Little Houses, I'll see how I go with time ... I'm hand cutting out each egg and each bird!!

The size of the house is somewhat smaller to what I'm used to with ATCs - each one is approximately 3 cms wide and 6.5 cms tall ... the only criteria with the swap was that it had to be 2D and no taller than 7 cms. I hope I've done it right ... I'm a late addition to the swap.

I'm a bit excited about the retreat, there's only 26 days to go. I have bought everything except the Golden paints I need for DJ Pettitt's class ... I'll be searching the internet for these next week.

"Happiness doesn't depend on what we have, but it does depend on how we feel toward what we have. We can be happy with little and miserable with much."
~William Dempster Hoard, 1836-1918, Governor of Wisconsin, Publisher~


crafty capers said...

This looks really cute! 50 hand cut birds and eggs huh? You're going to be a busy girl! Just had a look at the creative soul retreat - I can't begin to tell you how envious I am! Kate

Barb said...

this is looking great Di...but you sure will have a job ahead of you ...vbg

Nic Hohn said...

thanks for visiting my blog, lovely to meet you...I have a couple of places you can try for your Golden paints if you would like to email me

Barb said...

I do love this Di...I don't suppose you have a spare...LOL

How did the egg cutting go?