Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's a boy ...

My sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this morning ... his name is Harry Connor Hoenstok and his stats are:

Date of Birth: Sunday, 15th February 2009
Time of Birth: 6.10am
Weight: 9 pound 3 ounces / 4.185 kgs
Length: 55.5 cms

My brother-in-law Dave woke me up at around 4.15am this morning as Sylvia's water broke at 4.10am and I jumped in the shower and got organised. When we were ready to leave, Alexis woke up perfectly on time, so we dressed her and off we went.

It's at least a 30 minute drive from Coomera to the John Flynn Hospital in Tugun and I think we made it in record time ... a few speed laws may have been broken! The contractions were coming about a minute apart by the time we got to the hospital and Sylvia was already 5 cms dialated. The mid-wife had started to fill the bath for the water birth, but it's a pretty slow process and was only half full even with a 20 minute warning that we were coming in. I asked the mid-wife whether the doctor was on the way and apparently he'd been and gone already.

Sylvia was trying to hold the baby in by keeping her legs closed because the bath wasn't yet full, but in the end that baby wanted to come out and there was nothing stopping it. Within a very short span of time, Sylvia was fully dialated and within 25 minutes of arriving at the hospital the gorgeous baby Harry was born ... and Dave (my brother-in-law) wanted to go through McDonald's drive-through to get some breakfast before we got to the hospital ... luckily we all decided to go straight there!! Even the doctor missed the event!!

I was so lucky that I could be a part of the whole process ... Sylvia was a pro ... Alexis was amazing (she kept saying "I want to see the head. I want to see the head." and had prime position when that head popped out) ... wow there's just nothing quite like being right there in the thick of it ... quite amazing.

Alexis, Harry at 7 minutes old & proud dad Dave.

My sister Sylvia - does this look like a mum that just gave birth??

The proud Aunty Di (me).

Weighing in - what a whopper.

Harry at 2 hours old with Uncle Ferg - he's got a bit of colour now.

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."
~Eda J. Le Shan~


Kyla de Ruiter said...

Diana, congratulations on becoming an aunty for the second time. Well done Sylvia! mammoth effort in record time!!

Anonymous said...

Nice of you to blog the whole event. It went very quickly. And it's a boy!!! Like I predicted. Have fun all of you. Wish I could be there too. Lots of love. Magda

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a miracle
The birth of this baby boy?
Harry Connor, destined
To bring all of us joy.

Born out of love
Missed Valentine's by a day
Though that rather depends
On the time zone you obey.

Nine pounds three ounces
Fifty-five and a half cm long
Born in your father's image
You'll grow proud and strong.

Your mother is so thrilled
You've finally arrived
Taking your first breath
Ready to embrace life.

Thus, I wish you Harry Connor
At the dawn of two thousand nine
With the guidance of your parents
A journey of a lifetime!

Lots of love,

Your Aunty Sibylla xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hello Diana, Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. I love the name and I can't wait to see him when we come to Australia for a couple of weeks over Easter. Where will you be? I would love to come and see you...xxxx Wilma

Anonymous said...

lieve Diana,
Wat bijzonder en een prachtig blog met foto's van het kleine kindje. Dank je wel, Diana.
Allemaal van harte gefeliciteerd met de geboorte van Harry.
En speciaal voor moeder Sylvia en vader Dave heel veel geluk toegewenst.
Voor Alexis is het een wonder om zo'n lief broertje te krijgen.
Hartelijke groeten Maria Christiaan en Wil.

Anonymous said...

Your so freakin cute Di,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations all of you! Thanks so much for the update Di, its great to see some first pictures so soon. Baby Harry is gorgeous and you must all be so proud. He’s going to love having his big sister Alexis and she is just going to love having someone to boss about and play with. We wish we could be there with you all but we are thinking of you and sending loads of love your way from afar.

All our love, I-Lan, Jim, Vieve & Pierce xxxx

Anonymous said...

We are so happy for Sylvia, Dave and Alexis and the whole family - what fantastic news! The photos are super and I can't believe you had the presence of mind to bring a camera at the crack of dawn with no time to spare. Well done to Sylvia and be sure to give her a huge hug from us. Can't wait to see more photos as Harry grows up! Congratulations to all from,
I-Cheng and Stuart xxxx

Nic Hohn said...

Congratulations! How wonderful you were there to be part of Harrys introduction to the world...

David said...

Love your blog pics Di, Receiving that picture you sent me was the best way to be woken up, i can't wait to meet little Harry, how exciting!!

crafty capers said...

What a whopper! Congratulations to you all. Your sis looks v well indeed considering....... :-) You were v priviledged to get up so close and personal with the event - even my husband didn't get that close!! Kate

lyn said...

oh wow, he is georgeous!!! congrats diana, he's gunna be one lucky little fella to have an auntie like you :)

Shelly said...

Harry is just beautiful !! What a big boy - over 9 pounds. No way was he waiting on anyone or anything !!
Congratulations to your sis and her family, and you, Aunty Di.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhHHHHHHHH Beautiful creature! I am so thrilled for you all I can't stand it! Happy Mummy to Sylvia and a big fat congrats to you too aunty... again!.

Mandy Collins