Saturday, May 2, 2009

ATCs completed

Some more ATCs finished for swaps due at the end of the month.

MEDIEVAL ATC - finished for the PaperArts Yahoo Group swap. The background was cut into an arch and painted with red, white, grey and black. I then added a picture of a Medieval Knight chest plate which I stamped with Tim Holtz splatter stamp with red paint to look like blood. A bit of sanded German Scrap and it's done.

Medieval ATC for the PaperArts Yahoo Group

GREEK GODDESS ATC - I chose the Greek Goddess Artemis as the theme for this AATCUK Yahoo Group swap. This ATC is 3 layers of clear material so the whole ATC is actually see-through. Firstly I did a gel medium transfer of Artemis' face onto plastic. I used alcohol inks on another piece of plastic and the final layer is greek writing on an ink-jet transparency. I used a corner rounder (which actually broke 'cause the plastic was a bit too thick) then joined them with eyelets. A walnut inked tag in the corner with the name Artemis written by hand on one side and my information on the other side. Hopefully this will meet with the standard of the other artists of the group ... they're such a talented bunch.

Mythical Greek Gods & Goddess swap through Advanced ATCs UK, hosted by Laura Carson.

CLOWN ATC - Yep, another Clown themed Swap this month, this one through a local scrapbook shop Addicted to Scrap. I was inspired by Kate Crane's techniques for this ATC and have painted the background using red & yellow Golden Fluid Acrylics (may as well use them seeing as I bought them for the Creative Soul Retreat and didn't use much of them at all) painted in a circular motion, I then added my image and stitched the whole way around ... stitching is so not my forte, I managed to get a cramp in my foot, the tensions way too tight and I have no idea how to fix it and I spent more time hand turning the needle than I did using the pedal!! Still I'm happy with how it turned out and this is a good lead up to the machine stitching themed swap coming up next month through ATC World.

Clown ATC for the Addicted to Scrap Live Swap Meet.

He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.
~Socrates, 470-399 B.C., Greek Philosopher~


Sam Marshall said...

They are all stunning! I especially love the Medieval theme.

crafty capers said...

Oooh lovely ATCs. Glad my technique inspired you! The clown looks 'glowing'.

drmarty62 said...

Hi Diana
I can help with tension. Which is too tight the top or the bottom thread?
Email me

Kathy said...

Hi Di! Oohh...this is truly a wonderful ATC! Terrific job!

Kathy said...

Ooops...didn't realize the other ATCs were part of this post...these are all wonderful! The Greek Goddess ATC is very cool!! Great artwork Di!

Barb said...

Di... your work is STUNNING!!!!... I love them all!

Shelly said...

Oooooooohhh my my my . . . I LOVE the medieval card and the acrylic skin technique on Artemis !!! It turned out fantastic !! Your clown is great, too . . . spiffy colors and the stitching is the perfect finishing touch !! Happy swappers there will be.

Glenda said...

Love the clown ATC Di, :-)
Looks great and wouldnt mind knowing where to get it to add to my growing folder of clown images of which I love.
Your blog looks great.

Tan in a tree is me said...

Brilliant Diana :)
Haven't checked out the blogging universe in a while, you've been a busy girl... Your stuff is awesome n ur luck is plain cheesy!! ;) xoxo

Queen Of Toys said...

Hey Coffee,

Love everything you have created here what a brilliant collection of art. You rock girl.

hugs HRH