Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artistic Endeavours of Late

I've been so busy making and creating art of late, that I finally made time to post some pictures on my blog.

Addicted to Scrap ATC Swap
One of our local Scrapbook shops, Addicted to Scrap, is closing it's doors this weekend so our monthly ATC swap will now be held at a cafe instead ... I don't mind too much, 'cause we still get to catch up with the girls and nothing beats a good coffee made at a cafe ... it is a little sad that the shop will no longer be there though. The theme for our July swap was "red" and "ribbon", so I excitedly went through my old stash of ribbons and happily started sewing away. I found a picture of a Blythe Doll with beautiful red hair on the Hasbro Site (I think) and here is my finished product.

ATC for "Red" and "Ribbon" themed swap.

Scrapbook Cupboard ATC Swap
We had a "live" swap on Saturday at the Scrapbook Cupboard and the good thing about this monthly swap is there's no "theme", so we can make whatever tickles our fancy. To make my ATC this month I used a ready made matte-board frame that I bought at a show recently through a company called Papertole Australia. I stamped the top and bottom edge of the frame, added some Asian Papers and a picture of a young Geisha Girl, added a charm and voila quick card ready for the swap. I also tried using Shellac Varnish because I'd noticed some artworks with a lovely rich warm colour and wanted the same effect on this card, but when I used the ready made product I'd bought it just soaked in, made everything wet, didn't change the colour or look of the card and really smelled ... so may need to try the flakes next time.

Young Geisha ATC using pre-made matte board frame.

Advanced ATC UK Yahoo Group
I'd joined a "Tales of Camelot" swap through AATCUK hosted by Alison Brandist and the theme I chose was the Fisher King. I used another one of those pre-made matte-board frames, but this time decided to paint it to tie in with the background. I used the head of a fish for my Fish-er King, but my husband proceeded to tell me that he thought it looked like and eel ... he's probably right, but it's too late ... they're done and they've been sent to the UK.

Fish-er King ATC ... or is it the Eel-er King?

I have also created a piece for an Art of the Month project through another Yahoo Group, so will post some pics soon.

"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882, Poet and Essayist~


Barb said...

Your RED is great Di...such a hard colour to work with but you have done it well!
Love the Fisher King...LOL
Shellac is best when a bit on the thick side...if what you have IS the pre-mixed lot, just add more goes kinda sticky to the touch...then try it.

thekathrynwheel said...

Lovely ATCs - love what you did with the ribbon. Great Fisher King - so imaginative :-)

Sam Marshall said...

Your ATCs are divine! Just love the Fish-er King!!! The premade frame is very cool.

Shelly said...

Beautiful ATCs, Diana !! The stitching on the red ribbon ATC is just the perfect touch. Great use of the matboards, they really set off the images. Fisher King is so unique - lucky swappers who get one.