Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A family birthday

Our beautiful (fur) baby, Beau, celebrated his first birthday on Friday and I was set to spoil him. I was considerate and got his first annual heartworm injection done the day prior, so he wouldn't remember his birthday in a negative light. Had a bit of trouble at the vet though ... our normally placid Kelpie didn't like the vet giving him a once over so growled a bit and gave him a warning nip so was promptly placed in a muzzle before the actual needle. Apparently, Beau has "behavioural issues" (according to the vet) and I need to do more training with him ... I thought I trained him well, he didn't actually draw blood now, did he?

Anyway, onto all the spoiling ... Ferg and I took Beau to the beach for the first time as his birthday treat. We're in the middle of winter here and Sunday was 23 degrees celsius ... an amazingly gorgeous warm day ... so of course there were at least 50 other dogs on the beach (a little bit daunting for mum, I must say). Beau was a trooper though, he was so focussed on his one love (a bouncy ball) it was like there weren't any other dogs on the beach at all. I think he had a fantastic time, so I'll stop with the chat and get onto the pics ... ciao for now.

Beau and me on his birthday.

Patiently waiting for the ball to be thrown.

Beau really wanted to get his ball, but wasn't sure about going into the water.

After a bit of coaxing on the lead with Ferg, Beau willingly went into the surf to get his ball.

This cute little fluffy number, had her eye on Beau and chased after him for a while.

All wet and covered in sand ... this is the life.

Time to go home ...

"Every dog MUST have his day."
~Jonathon Swift~


Sam Marshall said...

Happy Birthday, Beau!

Escapist said...

Thats capturing !

happy birthday...raise a toast..


thekathrynwheel said...

Happy Birthday Beau! I don't blame Beau for giving the vet a warning nip but it doesn't count if you don't draw blood. My Mum's dog bit me at the vet's once when he didn't like where the vet put the thermometer! According to the vet he too had 'behavioural issues'! The beach looks beautiful - is that near you? Lucky you :-) Hope you gave Beau lots of doggie biscuits. Byeee Kate

Jen Crossley said...

Happy Birthday Dear Beau.
Love Captain Underpants

Shelly said...

This can't be little Beau !! He has grown into quite the handsome boy. I know you are so proud. Wonderful way to spend the day, so lovely.