Saturday, November 7, 2009

Digital ATCs

I decided that as a moderator on ATC_World, it would be good if I support more of the swaps that are being hosted through the group, so I decided to join the Digital Duo swap run by Lois Richter.  I've never altered a photo digitally except to change the colour to black & white or sepia.  I don't have photoshop, so decided to download Picasa and see what that program can do and there are a few different things on the program than what my Kodak software has, so had a bit of a play.  The terms of the swap are to send 4 ATCs of the Original or Before photo and then send 4 ATCs of the Altered or After photo, and here they are:-

Statue Before any alterations.

Statue After alterations.

"The displacement of a little sand can change occasionally the course of deep rivers."
~Manuel Gonzalez Prada, Horas de lucha (1908)~

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Musing said...

Well done, Diana. She has a fantastic fiery glow.