Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A new ATC and weekend get-a-way

I get together with the Addicted to Scrap group once a month for an ATC Swap and the latest themes are November - Zettiology (or Zetti) and Spring and December has the theme of Disney.  It was decided that we would meet early December and swap all three sets of ATCs, but this has now fallen through due to everyone being busy in the lead up to Christmas so now the ATCs won't be due until January ... I'm actually quite glad 'cause I was starting to run out of time getting all my projects completed before I start my new full-time job next week.  I did, however, finish my Zetti's and took all of my inspiration from Jade Adams ( ), who is the "Zetti Queen" other than Teesha Moore ( of course.  The card does has my face chopped down a bit.

Ferg, Beau and I went away camping with some friends in Canungra last weekend and had an absolutely ball.  The camp-site was right on the river, and we spent most of our time in it as it was so hot all weekend.  Beau had a great time too and has always been a little hesitant about getting into water especially when his paws don't touch the ground, but he ended up spending all Sunday swimming in the river too ... we were like proud parents watching their child take their first steps.

Beau eagerly waiting for us to leave as we're still packing up the car.

Our Camp Site.

Beau not quite sure about the water, but eventually puts his paws in.

A little further and then bingo ... he's swimming.

Beau swam all the way to the other side of the river a number of times ... how clever he is.

It was all a bit much for Beau.

... and Kyla too.

But there's always cheese, bikkies and wine at the end of the day with Kyla, me and Pam.

"The man or woman who treasures his friends is usually solid gold himself."
~Marjorie Holmes, Author~


Samantha Marshall said...

Wonderful ATC!! Love your cool photos, too.

Shelly said...

Your Zetti card is fabulous !! I love the sketchy outlines and whimsical elements. Your camping trip looks like it was a blast. Beau is so brave, and such a lovely boy now.
Thanks for your comment on my Tarot cards. I really hope you get one in the swap, too. I have my eye on one of yours as well, so hopefully the hostess will make us both happy !!

P.S. Fantastic idea to have your blog posts made into annuals. You are so resourceful, Diana.

thekathrynwheel said...

Ah, you must be very proud of your pooch :-) Camping looks like it was fun - at least you are guaranteed the sunshine in Oz!Love the zetti ATC, you have captured the style perfectly. Now, what's the full-time job?! Bang goes your art time :-)

Gaby Bee said...

Looks like you had a fun time :-) Love your photos. Great shots!
This Zetti ATC is gorgeous!

Brenda Grace said...

Loving the 'YOU' zetti! I've never given this style a go but am gettting very close to doing it soon. Bxxx

Jen Crossley said...

What a cool ATC I Love it.Looks like you had an awesome camping trip

Glenda said...

ATC of you looks great Ms Flat White Coffee :-)