Thursday, December 17, 2009

On the fifth day of Christmas ...

I opened a gorgeous gift made by Celeste as part of the Art Sisters Yahoo Group 12 Days of Christmas Exchange ... here's the packaging:

and here's the gorgeous gift.  You'll never guess that it's an altered light switch cover ... clever huh!  There's a bit of flash shine (taking photos at night instead of the morning) and also because the image has a luscious coating of varnish.

Oh and here's our christmas card for this year. My husband, Ferg didn't want to grace the cover this year, so our family will get a picture of our pooch ... alas it has now become a new year's card because the cards won't reach any of the recipients before Christmas ...

"And now let us believe in the new year that is given us-- new, untouched, full of things that have never been."
~Rainer Maria Rilke~


thekathrynwheel said...

Oh I love th altered light swith cover. What a fab idea. I recognise the image (from Lisa's altered arts), such a cute face. You do have a handsome dog :-) He looks great on a Christmas card. (I haven't written any yet either, I think I'll give it up as a bad job this year!)

Jacky said...

Wonderful photos of all the 12 Days of Christmas gifts. I have really enjoyed reading back through your posts and seeing all the wonderful, wonderful art these girls have made!
Such fun and thanks for sharing all of the photos with us.
Loooove your Christmas/New Year card. That Beau is such a cutie. You wont believe, we had a red keplie (although he did have a bit of a cross with something else) and his name was Beau too...I have a soft spot for those red dogs and their beautiful, quizzical faces.

Take care and have a fun Festive Season Diana.

Jacky xox

Sarah W said...

Ahh so good to see all that card from last night made a card. Diana, you have followed all good dog owners and made them a cover boy for a day. Love the light switch and the envelope it came in.

I haven't done cards for friends either this year - well not the Aussie based ones anyway. Slack I know.