Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Flat Stanley meets some wildlife ...

Today Flat Stanley went into Dreamworld's Australian Wildlife Experience and met a few famous Australian animals. 

He was a little hesitant getting so close to these Kangaroos, but they seemed to be pretty relaxed on this hot Australia Day. One of them even let him go for a ride on his back.

Flat Stanley got up close and personal with two real Koala's, the one of the left is Allira and the other one is Jamaica.  He was a little concerned being so close to Allira because she wanted to have a little nibble of his head, but the game keeper distracted the Koala so a photo could be taken and Flat Stanley got away in one piece.

And he also had an opportunity to visit the Australian children's entertainers through The Wiggles World:

It seems Flat Stanley just can't stay out of trouble ... might be time for him to make his way back home to Texas.

All in all a fun day out on the Gold Coast for Flat Stanley.


Samantha Marshall said...

Love the Flat Stanley excursion lol!!

Kate said...

A few years ago when my son was in prep his class did "Flat people" they used Flat Stanley as a base and put their own face over his... so it was "Flat Ethan" who came to visit us and the went in the mail to nanna and poppies in Sydney... the whole class shared the stories, it was Brilliant! I love the idea.

Brenda Grace said...

He is so so so lucky to have such caring friends - thank you so much. Bxxx

Kathy Carvellas said...

Oh my gosh!! This was sooo funny! Great photos and comments! Flat Stanley sure had himself a time!!