Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

It's the anniversary of the First Landing in Australia today, when in 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip arrived at Sydney Cove from Great Britain with a fleet of eleven convict ships.  We celebrate this special day nationally by having a day off work and getting together with friends for a good old Aussie barbie ... which we'll be doing a little later on today.

Even Google gets into the Australia Day spirit:

So I hope you all enjoy your day and here's Sam Kekovich's Australia Day message ... that is becoming somewhat of a tradition now every year:

"They who came here in chains, who were lashed while they worked in convict gangs at Port Arthur. They who like many others were driven through starvation or oppression from their home-lands to the shores of this new country, Australia. They, who for a multitude of reasons that hopefully, I or my children will never witness or experience, decided not to harbour grudges or discontent but rather to look to the future. They who embraced this country as their own and said; "let's get on with it, this is a new land, this is our home."
~Dennis O'Keeffe - Musician~

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