Monday, January 25, 2010

Flat Stanley's visit ...

Allison, a girl in Texas is doing a school project to learn more about other countries around the world and she has coloured in a Flat Stanley picture and sent it to my friend Brenda Grace in Western Australia (visit this post for more information ).

Anyway, Ferg, Beau (the dog) and I went out on the weekend with Flat Stanley and showed him some of the attractions the Gold Coast had to share:

Flat Stanley met Beau, a real Australian Working Kelpie:

... and loved the colours and texture of the Australian Eucalypt Gum Trees::

It was so hot and Flat Stanley really wanted to go for a swim with 3 year old Alexis, but was afraid he might disintegrate, so just hung out for a while:

On a trip to Surfers Paradise, the flagged area of the beach was absolutely full of people:

Main Street of Surfers Paradise, Flat Stanley is just loving hanging arounds:

The tallest residential tower in the world ... Q1:

Flat Stanley visited 2 out of 4 theme parks, here's Dreamworld:

Which also has Whitewater World:

... and The Drop ... scaaary:

Movie World is just around the corner:

and Flat Stanley felt a little homesick when he noticed the Australian and US Flags flying side-by-side:

These signs are quite common around Coomera, as the area is a very important Koala precinct:

Flat Stanley sent an email off to Allison today and will be visiting Brisbane soon, so will take a few more pics and then be on his way back to Texas.

"Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: always try to be a little kinder than is necessary?"
~James Matthew Barrie, 1860-1937, Author of Peter Pan~

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Brenda Grace said...

OMG He is going to sleep for a month of Sundays when he gets back! What a wonderful visit and how busy you have been. Thank you so much I am sure Allison is going to be just amased - you are the perfect hostess with the mostess BXXX