Monday, November 24, 2008

Santa Photo & Queensland Storms

Our local shopping centre arranged for photos with Santa to be taken with you and your pet. Ferg was totally against the whole thing, but I booked Beau in anyway, because I wanted a reminder of our first Christmas together as a family. The only way I could convince Ferg to come along, was to tell him that Beau will be in the photo with Santa alone, that I'll never show anyone and also that he should ensure Beau's safety with all those other dogs around. Once we were there, he got into the mood and we both joined Beau in the photo.

I think it's hilarious getting our photo taken with Santa and for an Irish man Ferg was not laughing much at all ... I think this will have to be our Christmas card photo this year, the one I send overseas to all his family ... now what happened to that promise where I don't show anyone - I'm sure he'll get over it!!!

After our little outing with Beau, I'd spent the rest of the morning updating my blog with the "Tagged" information and the "I love your blog" details, when all of a sudden the power went out at around 1pm. Of course, without access to the internet, I copied and pasted all my information from my blog and kept working away in a word document, until my laptop battery couldn't take it anymore. We rang Energex and were told it would be up shortly, 3pm came and went, 5pm came and went ...

We live on acreage and don't have access to town water or sewerage, so all of it operates via pumps ... which of course runs with electricity!! So we couldn't wash our hands, do the dishes or flush the toilet ... 6pm came and went. We did everything we could whilst there was still a little daylight and then the candles came out. Ferg and I played "Uno" for an hour and a half and then ... ta da ... we had light at 7.30pm ... just before absolutely everything in the freezer defrosted, thank goodness.

Queensland has experienced some incredible storms over the past week as the heat during the day hits 32 - 36 degrees celsius (around 90 - 97 degrees fahrenheit) and then at night the earth is trying to cool itself down and we get high speed winds, lightening, thunder and heavy rain or hail. A lot of places up the coast and in Brisbane have been classified as emergency zones, with 4 huge nights of storms in 5 days all the rivers and dams are at bursting point and there's been a lot of flooding.

We've been pretty lucky here in Coomera as we haven't been hit as hard as some places, but I'm sure our tanks have got plenty of water in them now. Only one small tree fell down and the structure we use to cover Alexis' sandpit is completely destroyed.

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit."
~Napoleon Hill, 1883-1970, Author of Think and Grow Rich~


Shelly said...

Oh my, scary weather. Glad to know you are all okay.
Too precious the photo with Santa. You should sent it to family !!! LOL
Ferg will get over it.

Lynette van Barrelo said...

Hey! Found your blog!

I agree. Send the Chrissy photo to Ferg's work/clients/family/friends. He looks totally cute. He WILL get over it. You might not get him in another Chrissy shot but he WILL get over it. So Photoshop his 2009 head onto this one and send the same pic out again next year! haaah!

lyn said...

now my see lol....ahhaha wat a fab did santa take to the dog lol, alot differnt to a kid lol. so cute.. oh btw great seeing all you guys tonite..was super fun.see ya nxt friday
belynda xo