Friday, August 22, 2008

Pay-It-Forward ATCs

Yesterday I received not one but two beautiful ATCs from the USA as part of the Pay-It-Forward email I sent out recently. I was so thrilled to receive these cards, especially since I sent out 6 ATCs to people and have now received 7 back, so I now have more than I sent out ... it's just so exciting.

The first card is from the lovely Shelly R Sessions in LA and it's called "Vixen". She's such a talented artist and I'm really loving the email conversations we have from time to time ... it's so much fun communicating with like-minded creative people in other parts of the world. The other card is called "Madame Butterfly" is by Anita Lingenfelter from Tampa, Florida. I don't know her through any groups I'm involved with ... but feel like I have a small little piece of her, which is so wonderful.

The most amazing thing happened on Wednesday night ... I went along to my monthly Mastermind Meeting and one of the ladies that comes every month (Hilary) brought her friend Denise along again who is visiting from the UK. Denise came to one of our meetings some months ago and at that meeting I happened to bring along my ATC collection to show everyone what I was up to. Well Denise brought with her all the way from the UK 2 ATCs that her 75 year old aunty made, which were a gift for me!!! How incredible is that, I met Denise once quite a while ago, showed her my ATC collection, she went back to the UK and found out her aunty makes and trades cards as well and brought 2 ATCs back for me ... I was lost for words at her amazing generosity and the fact that she even remembered. So here are the cards I received ... I'm still astounded ... it's just incredible ...

Keep well, until next time.

"Really big people are, above everything else, courteous, considerate and generous - not just to some people in some circumstances - but to everyone all the time."
~ Thomas J. Watson, 1874-1956, Founder of IBM ~

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