Monday, October 13, 2008

ATC Update ...

I have managed to complete two ATCs since my previous post. This one is called "Enchanted", which I made for the Live Swap Meet at The Scrapbook Cupboard and I've used an image that was sent by Carrie Rees from the Pay It Forward. As much as I'd like to take the credit for the gorgeous background, I actually purchased these through Linda Baldock's blog - Madjak Designs, an amazing artist in New South Wales who happens to also be part of the PaperArts Yahoo Group that I'm a member of. I was running out of time to get some cards done for the Live Swap, so it was incredibly handy to have some ready made backgrounds and an image that was sent to me.

The next ATC is for the Angel Swap at The Scrapbook Cupboard and I'm guessing most people will be doing pretty white angelic cards so I decided to do a dirty "Fallen Angel". The background is Paint on Paper Towel, which was actually what I had underneath other paper towels I was painting, so there's loads of different colours all through it. I placed a canvas stamp over the top of the background to tone it down a bit. The wings are a stamp I bought through Stampers Anonymous and they are inked in grey and embossed in black. I've coloured some blood on the girl with a watercolour pencil. I only just finished these cards today and they're due tomorrow ... I'm really only just making the deadlines of these swaps.

Beau, our puppy, is getting bigger everyday and I'm enjoying spending time with him. We're off to the second week of puppy school tonight and hope that he'll stop barking long enough for us to hear what the teacher has to say. There are about 10 puppies there and Beau is all bark and no bite. At the end of the session the dogs get to "play" with each other for about 10 minutes and Beau sits behind our legs and barks at all the other dogs, rather than play ... Ferg thinks we should take him to "pussy school" instead of "puppy school". He gave us a fright last night, we usually bring him in while we're watching tv and then we put him outside to sleep later, but last night he kept whimpering and whining. We thought that maybe the 30 minute walk we went on with him yesterday might have been too much, but then he threw up in his bed and after that was fine, so had an upset tummy. This morning when I was cleaning the towel he spewed on, I noticed he'd eaten half a dead cane toad ... we're lucky he didn't die. I noticed this morning he was chewing on the cane toad's head and promptly threw it away ... I have no idea where he got it from, he's locked up in our back patio area all day and when we take him out for a walk, we're always with him ... so it's a mystery. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, need to download them off my camera.

Use soft words and hard arguments.
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Tan in a tree is me said...

Hey Diana
I'm quite last minute this month too... L♥ve your fallen angel- can't wait to get mine! will be very interesting to see what they all come up with...
♥ Tan