Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Punchinella & Pay-It-Forward

I received another Pay-It-Forward ATC in the mail today from FranSkoog in Arizona, USA. This takes my total Pay-It-Forward cards received to 18. The card looks like it's been embossed with an image and has a dictionary definition of "art", then various coloured alcohol inks or acrylic paints on a transparency and the transparency is cut up into various shapes overlapping each other, and finally a stamped butterfly on a transparency. It's a really interesting technique and must have taken quite a lot of time ... I love it.

I received some wonderful gifts in the mail today with another envelope from Barb Thomas through the PaperArts Yahoo Group containing a whole bunch of Punchinella / Sequin Waste. I received four different sized circles, two different sized stars and moon shapes and one that has had numbers punched out ... I'm going to have so much fun playing with all these different stencils.

I've been playing with some of the Bernie Berlin techniques for the ATC_World ATC Workshop Swap. Here are a couple that I thoroughly enjoyed playing with, the first one is Magazine Paper and the title of this card is "Eye Door Ewe" (I adore you) and the second one is Gesso and Magazine Images ... I'm really enjoying these ATC Workshop swaps, they're really stretching me outside my comfort zone.

I've also done my first zettiology or zetti ATC for an Advanced Artist Trading Card Yahoo Group swap in the UK ... when it's finished, I'll post a pic ... I'm having fun with it though.

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