Friday, January 30, 2009

Blog Candy Gift ...

I'm noticing more and more that very talented artists are holding Blog Competitions and giving away art creations that they've made ... and one of my favourite artists (and a lovely person) Kate Crane held a Blog Candy Giveaway just recently and I was the very lucky girl that WON!

Kate's beautiful art creation arrived in the mail this week and it has had pride of place on my desk ... not to mention that I keep bringing it with me everywhere I go to show it off to fellow artists and everyone else I meet!!

The details when you see this book in the flesh are fabulous ... the painted surface is shiny; the background is embossed; the vibrant colours; the lovely little heart on some text paper with a piece of mica; the stitching; the itsy bitsy buttons ... it's a truly wonderful creation and I love it. Thank you, thank you Kate!

The photos are courtesy of Kate's blog (I hope you don't mind me borrowing them Kate!!), I felt they did the Notebook justice!

Now, to bring myself to use it ...

Like I said earlier, I've been a very lucky girl and have also won another art creation on Kelsey's blog this week ... apparently she sent it on Friday, so when it arrives I'll gladly show it off ... watch this space.

"I live a day at a time. Each day I look for a kernel of excitement. In the morning, I say: 'What is my exciting thing for today?' Then, I do the day. Don't ask me about tomorrow."
~Barbara Jordan 1936-1996, Lawyer, Educator and Politician~


Barb said...

WOW!!! are a lucky girl Di!..That is beautiful!

crafty capers said...

Hee hee glad you liked it so much. You must have a lucky streak - you are always winning something :-) Kate

Shelly said...

Lucky girl !!! I know you are so excited. Kate does fab work and the notebook looks like such a treasure. Congrats and enjoy !!