Sunday, July 27, 2008

All about ATCs

Firstly, I am happy to note that I now only have two more projects to complete before the end of the month - one more set of ATCs and a scrapbooking layout. I have been very productive and focussed and have sent off two ATCs to the June WTA winners from the Yahoo Group ATC_World and I've completed my ATCs for the Stampers Hut Metal themed swap.

Metal ATCs

I'm so happy with my metal ATCs ... I used an everyday item (a coke can) to create them. I collected 4 x 375ml coke cans and was able to make 12 ATCs. They were surprisingly easy to cut into size. I used a punch to cut two slots in the corner of ATC sized cardstock (the corner punch is one you would normally use to slip photos under if you don't want to permanently stick them down when scrapbooking, like vintage photos). I slipped the coke can corners under one of the two slots so that the sharp corners of the can are behind and then I adhered another piece of cardstock onto the back so they are completely covered (I was concerned about people possibly cutting their fingers on any sharp edges). I then added my image and an actual slogan from 1954 that I think is a bit of a laugh and finished the ATC off by punching holes in the corners with my crop-a-dile and attaching some large eyelets. Hopefully none of the other members of the group have used a can as the base for their metal ATCs ... although I guess it wouldn't matter as I'm sure they won't look the same.

ATC Pay-It-Forward

I received an email tonight from Tanya that is quite a different concept - it's an ATC Pay-It-Forward. There are 6 names on the list and I send each of them 6 ATCs, I then forward the email onto 6 people - deleting the first name on the list and adding my name to the bottom of the list. It's a very similar concept to the chain-letters / chain-emails I've received in the past, but this one is very different because it involves my current passion - ATCs. Hopefully I will receive lots and lots of ATCs ... it might be as exciting to go to the mailbox every day as it was when I won the ATC_World WTA in May. I'm not sure how many ATCs I'll receive if everyone who receives the email sends a card ... but I'm open to working it out...

Let's see (this could hurt my brain a little), I send the message to 6 people (6 cards) I'm in position 6 on the list; who forward it onto 6 people (6 cards) now in position 5; they forward it to 6 people (6 cards) now in position 4; they forward it to 6 people (6 cards) position 3; they forward it to 6 people (6 cards) position 2; they forward it to 6 people (6 cards) position 1; and then I come off the list, so I guess I might receive a minimum of 36 cards if everyone plays ... how exciting is that.

So I've got my ATCs ready to send to the 6 people tomorrow and can't wait to see how many I get back.

"I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I've written for myself... and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part."
~ Shirley MacLaine, Actress and Author ~

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Anonymous said...

Great Blog :) wonderful pictures.
Thanks so much for letting a piece of my Art shine here!
Susan in NJ, USA