Sunday, July 13, 2008

ATCs done for some swaps

Ooh, eeh, aah, I'm in pain ... every muscle in my body hurts after doing a Boxing Class with my personal trainer on Friday and then yesterday I completed a 6.4 km walk/shuffle (couldn't really call what I was doing a jog) with my personal trainer - all because I'd committed to doing 2 training sessions a week and I didn't go on Wednesday. I went and got a massage at Helensvale today with those very talented chinese massage therapists and feel much better, but am still quite tender.

Yesterday, Kyla and I did a class at The Stampers Hut, learning how to create backgrounds using alcohol inks. I had an absolute blast and loved how alcohol inks look on shiny surfaces like vellum, transparencies and glossy paper. Some of the backgrounds looked absolutely amazing and when combined with metallic inks looked like marble. Here's a sample of one I did on a white glossy background with inks in green, caramel and gold. It's a bit hard to see the gold but the overall effect I think is really cool:

I've been very focussed and have finished some ATCs for this month's swaps whilst watching television. I worked out that I am in 7 swaps this month and as I usually make 12 cards for each swap (10 for the swap and a couple extras to trade) that means I'll be making over 80 cards this month alone!! Not to mention that I'm also doing the Scrapbooks Etc's layout challenge ... I may have overcommitted myself a little this month.

House Shaped ATC
I joined an ATC_World Yahoo Group House Shaped ATC swap this month and finally finished my cards last night. The title is "Queen of House of Cards" and has kind of combined a number of sayings like "House of Cards" or "Queen of Hearts" and the main saying that I have on the card "A king's house is his castle, until the Queen arrives." It was actually pretty fun to make a different shaped ATC.

Friendship ATC
A bunch of us ATC enthusiasts are having a social dinner together for the first time on Saturday, 19th July and Tanya set a challenge to make 10 ATCs that are "friendship" themed. Originally I wasn't going to make any cards because I have so many other swaps that I'm involved in, but then I thought I couldn't miss out on getting more ATCs so managed to whip up a quick one whilst watching The Wizard of Oz on television last night.

I'm flying to Melbourne tomorrow for a few days of shopping and relaxing whilst Ferg works - I'm so excited. Be back on Wednesday. Have a fun few days.

"Happiness doesn't depend on what we have, but it does depend on how we feel toward what we have. We can be happy with little and miserable with much."
~William Dempster Hoard, 1836-1918, Governor of Wisconsin, Publisher~

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