Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pay-It-Forward ATCs

I had a very lovely surprise in my mail box today ... not 1 but 2 Pay-It-Forward ATCs from 2 new countries - what an exciting addition to my collection.

The first card is from Jocelyne Palmerini in Switzerland. The texture of Jocelyne's cards is absolutely amazing and does not show through in the photograph. It looks like it could be glued tissue paper that has been coated in some sort of medium and then painted and in various colours of blues, then other colours rubbed on to provide some contrast and shimmer ... really it's just beautiful in the flesh. Jocelyne provided me with her blog address ( and her work is stunning. Even though I can't read what's been written ... her art speaks for itself.

The other card I received is from Femmy Brands in The Netherlands. It was especially nice to receive an ATC from The Netherlands as that is where my family originates from. Again a stunning ATC using a shimmery copper glaze on a background paper, with stamping, a wonderful image and embellishments. Femmy has also given me her blog address if you want to check out her art -

I was a very lucky girl today, receiving such beautiful gifts in the mail and these 2 ATCs have taken my Pay-It-Forward tally to 14 cards received. I love that so many wonderful artists are playing.

"Remember, the greatest gift is not found in a store nor under a tree, but in the hearts of true friends."
~ Cindy Lew ~

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David said...

Hey Di

I was just wondering if you had a link on your blog where you could click and then it comes up with all the atc's that you have made, i guess it would make it easier to see your work, or would that slow down your blog too much.

Anyways just an idea

Love Ya